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Brilliant Bobcats College Success Series

Brilliant Bobcats: College Success Series is a workshop series focused on teaching students various strategies and skills for college success, The College Success Series is a collaboration between the division of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.

Fall 2016 Schedule

Workshop Date Time Location Description
Goal Setting Tuesday, September 13 7-8PM Falls/Sayers Hall Commons Room Do you ever feel like you’re aimlessly drifting through the semester? Do you talk about what you want, but have trouble making it a reality? This workshop will help you learn to set SMART goals and start achieving your highest potential.
How to Talk to Faculty Wednesday, September 21 7-8PM LBJSC 3-15.1 Not sure how to communicate with faculty? We can show you a few ways to have an open and friendly discussion with your professors about your grades, the syllabus or understanding class material. Get advice from staff on campus and hear from Texas State faculty on ways to improve your communication with faculty.
Budgeting & Establishing Your Credit Score Tuesday, September 27 1-2PM LBJSC 3-15.1 Managing your money is about more than making sure you can cover your expenses and tuition each month. You are also building the foundation of a strong credit score in the future. Attend this workshop to learn helpful tips to manage your money, develop strategies to achieve yourm financial goals, and establish and manage credit.
Financial Aid & Scholarships Tuesday, October 4 7-8PM LBJSC 3-15.1 Finding money for college can feel like a full-time job, but financial aid is here to help. Join this workshop to find out if you can take advantage of scholarships and other financial aid resources.
Where Does the Time Go? Wednesday, October 12 7-8PM Gaillardia/Chautauqua Hall- Traditions Room You’re already juggling classes, studying, work and more, so how do you find time for friends, family and a little fun? We’ll show you how to prioritize your commitments and organize your daily or weekly schedule.
Study Tips Tuesday, October 18 7-8PM LBJSC 3-15.1 Are you getting the most out of your study time? We can show you some simple strategies to sharpen your study skills and use your time more efficiently.
Social Media/Branding Wednesday, October 26 1-2PM LBJSC 3-15.1 You only have 7 seconds to make a strong first impression, and that includes your online image! This workshop will provide insight on how to utilize LinkedIn to effectively market yourself to recruiters, and how to expand your professional network. Your personal brand and professional image extend beyond the career fair and this workshop can provide tips to help you get started.
The Four Agreements Wednesday, November 2 7-8PM San Gabriel/Angelina Hall- Common Room 201 Based on the self-help book The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom, the workshop will guide you through four key concepts used to deal with the everyday stresses of being a college student. Join in an exploration of the issues that cause needless sadness, suffering and miscommunication and learn strategies to achieve greater happiness, love and satisfaction.
Half Baked: Myths about Marijuana & Prescription Drug Use Tuesday, November 8 7-8PM LBJSC 3-15.1 This presentation is about myths and facts about marijuana, prescription drugs such as Adderall, and other drugs including ecstasy and bath salts. Students will learn the reality of use and abuse on campus and the health consequences associated with using these drugs. Students will also learn how to help a friend they suspect may be developing a substance dependency.
Creating a Comeback from Academic Probation Tuesday, November 15 7-8:30PM LBJSC 3-13.1 Have you hit a stumbling block this semester? At risk of being placed on academic probation? Use this workshop to develop a strategy for academic recovery and find out about resources you can use to fuel your comeback.
Mindfulness Monday, November 28 1-2PM LBJSC 3-15.1 Mindfulness is widely touted as a valuable tool for promoting both physical and mental health. Greater mindfulness can help you reduce your stress and anxiety and improve your focus and overall well-being. In this workshop you will learn about mindfulness, its benefits, and simple ways to develop it so that you can better cope with life's challenges.

Attendance Policy and RSVP

We are excited to see our Brilliant Bobcats workshop series grow and be utilized by more students and departments. In order to maintain quality workshops we will not allow students in to enter more than 10 minutes after the workshop start time. Please contact a Brilliant Bobcats staff member if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Brilliant Bobcats Staff

Staci Strauch
Student Development Specialist II, Retention Management and Planning

Lauren Loper
Graduate Assistant, Retention Management and Planning

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