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FACES: Foster Care Alumni Creating Educational Success


Being a college student is hard, and everyone needs support. FACES is here to make sure you have that support. If you are a student who was involved in the foster care system and you're attending Texas State or thinking about attending Texas State, we're here for you. This page was created to provide you with information about FACES and to provide you with resources here on campus and in the community that can help.  If you need assistance, we are here to help! Please contact us:

Dr. Christine Norton - Associate Professor - School of Social Work,

Dr. Toni Watt, Professor - Sociology,


The mission of FACES is to create a campus-wide network of support to assist students who grew up in the foster care system achieve educational success by focusing on recruitment, retention, and graduation.
The FACES initiative was awarded a $90,000 Public Benefit Grant from Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. This award will provide approximately two years of support to expand and evaluate support services for foster care alumni at Texas State.
Mentors and Advocates provide support to foster care alumni through FACES in a variety of ways. Mentors receive specific training on the needs and strengths of foster care alumni. Mentors promote positive relationships and connection, as well as advocacy and support.  Advocates are MSW interns who partner with VPSA to provide support and engage students and mentors. They also help manage the mentor/mentee relationship. If you would like to request a mentor, please complete the form below. You can reach an Advocate by calling 512-245-5500 or by emailing

FACES Student Experience survey

Hello FACES students!

We are looking for FACES students to share their story about their own educational journey! Below are a few questions we would like you to answer. 

- Did you have a supportive adult or mentor that helped you stay positive?

- What motivates you to continue with your higher education goals?

- What advice would you give to new college students who have aged out care or was adopted?

- What has FACES meant to you?

- How did you stay positive when you are faced with obstacles?

Thanks again for your time and sharing your experience with us!

Click here to go to the survey!

FACES Lending Library

Through the Title V initiatives at Texas State University,  the FACES students will have access to the FACES Lending Library. The Lending Library services and the Lending Library textbooks is provided for Texas State FACES students who are in need of textbooks, but do not have the available resources to purchase the textbooks. To participate in the FACES Lending Library, please click here.

Request a FACES mentor!

Transitioning to college life can be very difficult. Sometimes, we don't know who to ask for help from or what kind of help is out there. The FACES program are commiteed to helping Texas State FACES students reach their potential through various resources. FACES mentors are faculty or staff members at Texas State who want to be a source of information or resource to students. In addition, many students who have been linked up with a mentor have resulted in increased GPAs and increased retention.

FACES students can be paired up with a Texas State faculty or staff mentor by filling out the mentee form

Become a FACES Mentor!

If you would like to become a FACES mentor, please read the criteria listed below:

- Work as a faculty member or staff member at Texas State University

- Able to commit an hour of your time a week to your FACES mentee

- Knowledgeable of the resources at Texas State

- Willing to learn from FACES students

- Attend FACES Mentor Training


Become a FACES mentor by completing a mentor form.

Do you know a High School student or Transfer student who will be joining us this fall semester?

If you know a foster care alumni high school student or a transfer student from another 2 year or 4 year school, please give us that student's name and FACES will reach out to him/her this summer at New Student Orientation, PAWS Preview or the first couple of days of class.  We look forward to meeting new students this summer and help them transition to college life at Texas State. Often times, new students don't know who they can reach out to for assistance, FACES is the link to campus resources for foster care alumni.  Please click here to be taken to the FACES new student form.