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Male Student Retention Initiatives

There is a growing concern regarding the retention of males on the Texas State campus, especially our males of color and first year (freshmen & transfer) students. 

Male Initiatives Committee (MIC)

The Texas State Male Initiative Committee was formed to address this concern and is comprised of Texas State University staff and faculty who provide opportunities for men to develop the necessary skills and confidence to achieve success at Texas State and beyond.

The objectives of the Male Initiatives Committee are as follows:

  • To engage students in conversations to identify obstacles hindering the retention of males
  • To provide a forum for the students to speak freely about issues that are important to them
  • To provide an avenue for males to develop and hone their leadership skills
  • To address the lack of involvement on campus
  • To develop a mentoring relationship between the male students and key male faculty/staff members on campus

Male Student Retention Initiatives

The following male initiatives have been developed by the committee:

For more information, contact Terence Parker at 512-245-5500 or by e-mail at