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Student Success Plan

The Texas State Student Success Plan is a resource to guide freshmen through the first year of college and establish an expectation of engagement to increase the probability of success. The success plan sets high expectations for students to complete the majority of the recommended activities. It covers general topics and then allows the student to customize the experience.

The suggested action for each success topic was designed by faculty and staff most familiar with student issues relating to the topic.

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Attend the Leadership Institute Annual Conference

The Leadership Institute Annual Conference serves to bring together students to learn leadership skills, engage students in values-based activities that foster personal leadership development, build community, and cultivate social responsibility. Although the Leadership Institute Annual Conference usually takes place in the spring semester, students can get involved in the planning during the fall semester. 

Attend Equality University

Equality University is in the fall semester and promotes diversity and inclusion in a day of dialogue with national speakers, faculty and staff facilitators, and collegiate colleagues. Conference attendees will have opportunities to engage in authentic peer connections and explore how all identities impact individual relationships, groups, and social dynamics.

Attend the Student Involvement Fair

Each semester the Student Organizations Council (SOC) hosts the Student Involvement Fair to provide students with the opportunity to learn about student organizations, resources on campus, and volunteer opportunities. 

Volunteer or participate in Service Learning

Student Volunteer Connection (SVC) is a chartered student organization geared toward connecting students with volunteer opportunities throughout the San Marcos area. SVC is a great resource for Bobcats to get involved and make a positive impact within our community.

Texas State University Service Learning Program is a collaborative program between the division of Student Affairs and the division of Academic Affairs. Service-learning is a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, promote civic and personal responsibility, and strengthen communities.

Join a Student Organization

Texas State has a number of registered student organizations with which you can become involved. You can also start your own student organization!


Explore Your Options

What are your personal goals and source of energy? Meet with a Career Counselor, take a career assessment, and engage in major and career exploration.

Boko's Hints: Keep a journal and write up ‘what if’ scenarios! You could discover a passion to lead you through life.

Prepare Your Resume

How do you put together information that best describes who you are and why you are the best candidate for that special internship or job? This can be a challenging job - and we are here to help. Get Resume Assistance from Career Services, with many online resources available, as well as 48-hour resume review.

Boko's Hints: Create your resume early and update it every time you have something new to add to it. Save different versions of your resume to have on hand for different job opportunities!

Attend Career Fairs

Want to know how to succeed? Network, network, network! It’s the key to success. By attending career fairs, you are giving potential employers  the opportunity to connect a name, face, and personality with a resume.You can view a list of upcoming TXST Career Fairs on the Career Services website, our download their career fair app for iOS or Android devices.

Boko's Hints: Be sure to register in Jobs4Cats so that you can review the companies attending a Job Fair and send them your resume prior to meeting at the fair.

Practice for your Interview

You worked hard to get that interview, show them how great you really are! Practice your interview skills with a Career Services counselor before your first big interview.

Boko's Hints: Visit the Career Closet in Career Services to rent a professional outfit for your interview!

Experience Your Career

Manage your time well so you can participate in job shadowing and internship programs. Become a volunteer and give something back to the community. These experiences will assist in the self discovery process and prepare you for working in a team environment.


Set Up a Balanced Budget

Attending college is a significant financial commitment over four or more years. It will take commitment and minimizing your spending during this time. Most students will graduate with some student loans to repay, but you can make a choice how large other debts (credit cards, cars, etc.) will be.

Boko's Hints: Check out the Budget Worksheet from Financial Aid for some help creating your budget and check out Money Savvy Cats for more financial literacy resources.

Complete the FAFSA

The priority deadline for completing FAFSA is March 15. Those who do not complete it by the deadline may not receive as much funding in grants if eligible. Inform your parents or guardians so they can prepare their tax information early.

March 1 is the deadline for completing an application for summer aid.
Summer financial aid applications can be found on the Financial Aid website.

Apply for Scholarships

Scholarships are not always based on grades. Do your research and look into local organizations to assist financially. For information about scholarships, grants and loans, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office website. 

Do Not Sign Up for a Credit Card to Get a Free T-Shirt

Your credit score can be damaged quickly if you have too many credit cards or are unable to pay them off. Avoid the high credit card balance trap when you can not afford to pay on the principle. 

Boko's Hints: Think you “have to have it?” Wait at least 48 hours before you make that purchase and see if it is still something you want to pay all that interest for!

Apply for Part-Time Employment

Both on-campus and off-campus job openings are posted by Career Services in Jobs4Cats.

Learn about Emergency Tuition Loans

The emergency loan program is available for eligible students who do not have sufficient funds to complete their down payment for the payment plan. This loan only assists with the down-payment for enrollment into the payment plan. The loans are due within the semester borrowed and Texas State is your lender. Funds are limited so acceptance of an application does not necessarily indicate that funds are available.

Keep Your Grades Up to Keep Your Aid

You must continue to demonstrate academic progress while receiving financial aid. To learn more about Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements and maintaining eligibility, visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship website or meet with a Financial Aid Counselor.


Develop Relationships with your Professors

Ask questions during and after class. Use office hours to assist in clarifying concepts discussed in class or upcoming assignments.

Boko's Hints: This sounds scary, but please don’t wait until the day before a test or final to ask all your questions!

Join a Student Organization

Joining a student organization is a great way to meet people! For new students it is recommended to join no more than two student organizations, especially if you have a job. Be reasonable with your time commitments. It is better to have deeper involvement in a few organizations than very little involvement in a greater quantity.

Engage in Residence Hall Association Functions

Becoming friends with individuals that live in your residence hall will make life more enjoyable. These friends are like a family with whom to share the good and the bad times.

Participate in Recreational Activities

Campus Recreation provides a host of opportunities to join a group for exercise, to pick up a game, canoeing or golfing. The Outdoor Center offers rentals of kayaks, canoes, tubes, snorkel sets, and much more at student rates!

Boko's Hints: Don't be afraid to try new activities- you might like them!

Experience Diversity

Take advantage of the many opportunities to experience cultural and arts events on campus such as art galleries, concerts, theatre and dance performances, and multicultural celebrations.

Connect with a Mentor

Mentoring is a partnership that allows both the mentee and mentor to grow and learn about campus. Mentoring can be from another student, faculty or staff. Get one today, become one for tomorrow. As a first year student, you will receive a PACE Mentor. Consider continuing as a mentee and/or giving back as a mentor through the Bobcat Bond program.


Follow the Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct is applicable to any student currently enrolled; enrolled in the previous semester/session and eligible to enroll in the next consecutive semester/ session; or newly or re-admitted and eligible to enroll in the next semester/session Review the code and make sure your behavior is in line with what is expected of you as a Texas State Bobcat.

Boko's Hints: You can get a Student Handbook/Planner for FREE at the Welcome Tents in the Quad during the first two days of school!


Remember that Your Mind Matters

Check out the Minds Matter website for a complete list of mental health resources on campus!

Become Familiar with the Counseling Center

Their services include assistance on a variety of topics such as personal relationships and homesickness.The Counseling Center is a great service that is free for students, so please take advantage of it!

Boko's Hints: You can be a really great friend when you help a friend get to the Counseling Center.

Maintain Healthy Sleep Patterns

Yes, even during tests and finals! Check out these Sleep Facts and Stats from the Texas State Sleep Center to learn more about why sleep is so important!

Manage Stress

The Counseling Center offers How to DEAL workshops each semester, including topics such as Stress Management. Check out their website for additional stress management resources!


When Injured or Sick, visit the Student Health Center

Don't let an illness or injury get in the way of your success. Student Health Center services are available to students whether they have insurance or not. It's convenient and inexpensive. Visit their website to schedule an appointment.

Avoid Alcohol and Drug Use

The majority of Texas State students are not high risk drinkers and don't allow alcohol use to interfere with class attendance or academic performance. For more information, visit the Alcohol and Drug Compliance Services website.

Stay Safe

Use the Bobcat Bobbies program to move throughout campus in the evening. Learn more about crime prevention through the University Police Department.

Maintain Appropriate Health Insurance

While many students are able to remain under coverage of parent's health insurance, all students are eligible to purchase affordable health insurance. Contact the Student Health Center for information about affordable health insurance.

Develop Fitness & Wellness Routines

The Campus Recreation Center is free for you to use as a student, and the Department of Campus Recreation offers group fitness classes, boot camps, specialty classes, personal training, and much more! Check out their website for help developing your own personal wellness routine.

Be Mindful of Your Nutrition

Campus Recreation also offers resources for you to be aware of your diet and nutritional intake. What's cheap and easy in college doesn't always equate to what's good for you. Be smart about what you're eating!


Develop Good Habits

Develop a study routine throughout the week. Study when you are most alert and in an area with minimal distractions. Alkek Library and RRHEC Library are great places to study.

Use Academic Support Services

Academic support services are used by thousands of students each semester. College is difficult and additional assistance often is required.

Boko's Hints: YIKES! Don't wait until mid-terms and finals to focus on grades or ask for help.

Learn About and Practice with Technology Resources

What happens when your personal computer has a virus or the printer is jammed? Contact the Information Technology Assistance Center (ITAC):

Phone: 512.245.ITAC (4822)
Walk Up Center: Math Computer Science (MCS), 2nd Fl
Check Ticket Status:

Boko's Hints: is a service that is free to all TXST students, faculty and staff. With Lynda, you can get free training in word processing, presentations, brochures, spreadsheets, web design, social networking, and much more!

Go to Class

Not attending class can be the first mistake students make, especially when professors don't have attendance policies. Get to class on time and be prepared. Sit in the front and maybe even take the risk of answering a question or two! It will make a difference.

Set an Appointment for Academic Advising Early in the Semester

Visit your Academic Advising Center early in the semester to secure a seat in the classes you need to complete your degree!