Transfer Student Resources

Study Time & Academic Services

Here are some available resources to help leverage your time and energy to becoming a successful student in your degree plan or other academic activities you participate in.

The Basics

Coming to a new area can be overwelming sometimes, but this site may become one of your one-stop-shops for all the basics needed at Texas State University. All kinds of information relating to scholarships, admission credit transfer information, and transportation are linked to this site!

Get Involved

Students are quickly realizing that there are many other people on campus that share their same ambitions, desires, and goals to become a part of something greater than themselves. These students can interact and get involved with a number of all the student organizations on and off campus.

Take Care

It is important to keep not only your mind, but your body in shape. There are many student resources available to keep you on track and in good shape in all aspects of life at Texas State University.

Break Time

The Division of Student Affairs has a diverse selection of ongoing programs which help include students in on-campus activities. Use these upcoming events to help keep students involved and take part in Dr. Smith's philosophy of Each One, Keep One!