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PAWS Alert - Information for Faculty and Staff

The PAWS Alert system is an intervention initiative that allows faculty and staff to refer students for support services who may be experiencing academic, personal, or transitional difficulties. Common faculty and staff referrals include: 
  • Stress                                            
  • Poor attendance
  • Poor academic performance
  • Failure to submit assignments
  • Poor academic skills
  • Mental health concerns
  • Financial problems
  • Personal/family crisis

The PAWS Alert Process

Step 1: Intervention - Faculty and staff are encouraged to make initial contact with students before submitting a PAWS Alert referral. By showing concern for a students academic success and personal well-being, you are providing the first level of intervention. If you have been unable to contact the student or would like additional support, please submit a PAWS Alert. Please be as thorough as possible to help us better understand the situation.

Step 2Alert - The faculty or staff member submits a PAWS Alert and receives an email confirming alert submission.

Step 3: Review - The PAWS Alert is received by the Retention Management and Planning Office and reviewed within 2-3 business days of receipt.

Step 4: Referral - Once reviewed by a Retention Management and Planning staff, the PAWS Alert is referred to an appropriate campus resource according to the alert type.

Step 5: Followup - A staff member from the campus resource referral will attempt to contact the referred student to provide information, support, and additional resources to address the student's need.

Requests made to PAWS Alert early warning system will on average take approximately 2-3 business days before the student will be contacted. If the student is in an emergency situation, please contact the University Police Department at 911.

If the alert is concerning Student Suicidal Ideation, or trauma or safety concerns, please contact the Counseling Center directly at 512-245-2208 (M-F 8-5) or UPD if after hours.