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Bobcat Bond Mentoring: Your Connection to Success

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Research suggests that students that engage in mentoring do well academically improving persistence, retention, and degree completion. Additionally, mentoring enhances a student's experience allowing for increased student involvement, connections to the campus community, as well as a positive effect in social integration. 

In support of mentoring best practices, Texas State University developed the Personalized Academic and Career Exploration (PACE) Center that includes a mentoring component for incoming, first-year freshmen students. However, there is an opportunity to support students transitioning into their second year, as well as incoming transfer students and continue to support through graduation. To support these student populations, the Retention Management and Planning office developed the Bobcat Bond Mentoring Program (Bobcat Bond) in 2012. 

The purpose of Bobcat Bond is to enhance the transition experience for second-year, continuing, and transfer students to achieve academic, professional, and personal success. 

Bobcat Bond empowers and engages second-year, continuing, and transfer students through resources and services that promote academic, professional, and personal development, leadership, and service. 

"As a first-generation woman, my family looks up to me for advice and guidance, but joining Bobcat Bond meant that I now had someone in my corner who I could look to for guidance, mentorship, and occasionally set me straight with some raw and honest advice." – Olimiche Vital, Finance Major

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Terence Parker

Associate Director

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Miguel Arellano Arriaga


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Joshua Skinner

Graduate Assistant

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