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Brilliant Bobcats Online Modules

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Brilliant Bobcats Online is a 5-module online Canvas course, serving as an interactive and accessible method for students to learn strategies and skills to become successful college students.

Spring 2021 Registration for Brilliant Bobcats Online is Closed

Registration for Brilliant Bobcats Online Spring 2021 semester is now closed. Information for Fall 2021 registration will be posted at a later date.

If you are interested in how to stay informed about Brilliant Bobcats content or have questions regarding the course, please contact the Brilliant Bobcats Staff at the information below!

If you have been referred by the Dean of Students Office, please contact Hannah Fields at If you require accommodations due to a disability in order to participate, please contact 512.245.5500.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Brilliant Bobcats Online is an online service of the common, standard in-person Brilliant Bobcats workshops. The Brilliant Bobcats online modules are created and monitored by Brilliant Bobcats staff with a direct focus on student success.

      Currently, the five modules are as follows:

      1. Goal Setting and Motivation
      2. Time Management
      3. Study Skills
      4. Financial Literacy
      5. Self-Care and Wellness
    • If you're a TXST student, you can sign up for Brilliant Bobcats Online by filling out this form. There you will give your information for registration as well as create you own personal Success Plan.

      You will be added to a Canvas site within 2-3 business days. Once you've gained access to the Canvas site, you can view the course syllabus and get started on your selected modules.

    • Any Texas State University student of any classification, status, or discipline can participate in Brilliant Bobcats Online. To sign-up, please fill out our GATO form. A site administrator will follow-up with your request and add you to the Canvas site.

    • The Brilliant Bobcats staff recognizes the complexity of college students' schedules and have crafted this course to be accessible to students who may not have the time to attend our in-person workshops. It is our intention to build the success of our students through the education and application of certain necessary concepts. Through the carefully crafted activities and reflections, students will be able to learn skills, techniques, and student resources of Texas State.

    • Each module has a collection of content, videos, activities, and reflections for students to complete. The student is allowed to take each one at their own pace and may work on more than one module at a time.

      Once the student completes each module, their final assignment will be reviewed by a staff member to provide comments, positive affirmations, and suggestions. However, the student does not have to wait for feedback to move on to the next module.

    • Yes. Upon completion of your selected modules, the program will show up on your iCAT.

    • Upon registration, you will complete a Success Plan consisting of 3-5 modules you wish to complete before the course ends. Your Success Plan is tailored to fit your particular needs.

      If you intend to receive credit for completing your Success Plan, each module you selected must be completed in full.

    • All students who complete their Brilliant Bobcats Online Success Plan will receive a printed certificate which can be used on their resume. Additionally, students to complete all five modules as part of their Success Plan will be entered to receive a prize.

    • For more information about Brilliant Bobcats Online, please contact either of our site administrators:

      Hannah Fields, Lead Site Moderator: 

      Terence Parker, Site Moderator: