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Brilliant Bobcats Online Registration

If you are interested in participating in the Brilliant Bobcats Online modules, please fill out the form below. Once submitted, a site administrator will contact you within 2-3 business days regarding the course. Thank you!

Please direct any questions to Sarah Jackson,



TRACS Registration

Please provide the information below. We will use this to add you to the Brilliant Bobcats Online TRACS site.


Success Plan

Creating a Success Plan puts you on the pathway to improvement. Creating your plan also gives insight to your site moderator about how they can better assist you to become the most successful Bobcats you can be.

Please take a few moments to complete your success plan. Your plan should include 3-5 modules* for the best results.

*By adding a module to your success plan, you are indicating that you intend to complete the module(s) in their entirety in order to complete the course.


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