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Brilliant Bobcats Policies

Attendance Policy

We're excited to have you join us for one of our Brilliant Bobcats workshops! In order to maintain a respectful environment for the presenter, please be prepared to arrive before the workshop begins. Each Brilliant Bobcats workshop has small refreshments available (while supplies last), so grab something to eat before the presentation starts!

At select workshops, we may close check-in after the workshop has started to ensure a respectful learning environment for participants, so please arrive beforehand.

Extra Credit Policy


Thank you for considering Brilliant Bobcats for your extra credit opportunity! If you are attending a workshop to receive extra credit for a class or scholarship, please indicate at the check-in station prior to the beginning of the workshop. After the workshop, an email will be sent to you by a staff member confirming your attendance.

Confirmation of attendance is only given to students who attend the entirety of the session. Please plan accordingly.

Faculty & Staff

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in providing extra credit opportunities for your students through Brilliant Bobcats and require more information, please contact a staff member via our contact page.

Presentation Requests

Brilliant Bobcats is a collaborative effort between multiple academic and student affairs departments across campus. Unfortunately, the Brilliant Bobcats staff cannot accommodate workshop requests, but we would be happy to share contact information of past presenters. Please contact the Brilliant Bobcats staff for more information.

If you are interested a short informational session about Brilliant Bobcats or Brilliant Bobcats Online for a class or student organization, please contact the Brilliant Bobcats staff via our contact page. These may be accommodated at the availability of a staff member but are limited highly by availability and volume of requests.