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Meet the Brilliant Bobcats Staff!

Staci Perez Strauch, Coordinator

Staci standing in front of the Center for Student Retention.

Born in Corpus Christi and raised in the small town of Refugio, Staci graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in Environmental Design. Shortly thereafter, she changed career paths and became an academic advisor while completing her M.Ed. in Student Affairs in Higher Education. Now, she loves working at Texas State because of its natural beauty and the local animals she visits on her daily campus walks.

What's your favorite thing about Texas State?

Texas State is a beautiful campus with so many natural features such as the wet ponds and rivers, the beautiful big oak trees, the rolling hills and all the animals that choose Texas State as their habitat. Whether you see a squirrel, deer or turtle, every day is a nature day at Texas State!

How do you think Brilliant Bobcats helps students succeed?

Brilliant Bobcats provides students with the tools needed to survive the classroom and life after college. I believe our workshops teach so many basic survival skills such as time and money management, organization and the capability of managing self-care and wellness to name a few. When utilized and taken seriously, our workshops lead Texas State Bobcats to success no matter what goal they are trying to accomplish by supplying them with knowledge, confidence, growth and achievement.

Staci Perez Strauch

Student Development Specialist II

P: 512-245-5500


Sarah K. Jackson, Graduate Assistant

Sarah standing inside the Center for Student Retention.

As a first-generation college student, Sarah is determined to helping students who are taking the leap to pursue their post-secondary education. When she’s not busy working on school work for her M.Ed, Sarah spends time watching TV and listening to music. Her heart belongs to her two cats, Gus-Gus and Rory, but she loves all animals just the same.

What's your favorite thing about Texas State?

I love finding cool places around campus to hang out and read a book or study. There is no shortage of them either! My favorite place is in the courtyard of the Education Building. There's a tree that provides some shade or scenery depending on the weather!

How do you think Brilliant Bobcats helps students succeed?

I think half the battle of being a successful student is finding someone who can support you. Brilliant Bobcats and Brilliant Bobcats Online really help you find someone who can help you find your organizational style, develop healthy self-care strategies, and learn more about yourself. Even if we can't find someone in our office to meet your need, we'll always point you in the direction of someone who can support you!

Sarah K. Jackson

Graduate Assistant

P: 512-245-5500