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Emergency Funding

The Retention Management & Planning (RMP) Office is responsible for providing additional support to students who have aged out or were adopted out of the foster care system. Our emergency funding is an effort to help Texas State students remove any barriers that may prohibit them from focusing on their academic and career endeavors.

Emergency fund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must meet the following criteria for consideration:

  • Must come from a current student enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours.
  • The student must have a minimum GPA of 2.30.
  • Must come from a student who was involved in the foster care system.
  • Documentation must be attached to request verifying the cost of the expenditure.
  • Requests must be formally submitted using this form below.

Funds will be disbursed for purposes that include, but are not limited to: rent (max $800), art supplies for TXST classes (max $500), utilities (max $400), food (max $300), doctor's visits (max $500) and car repair (max $750).

If you have questions as you complete the form, please speak to Mr. Terence Parker in the Retention Management & Planning office at (512) 245-5500.

Supporting Documentation

In order for the FACES program to award students money, we need documentation as proof that the amount requested is needed for a specific reason. Examples of documentation include but are not limited to: a bill, invoice, quote or estimate. Your request will not be reviewed without documentation. Documentation can be uploaded here, emailed to or brought physically to the Center for Student Retention .

If you have questions about what kind of documentation is appropriate for your request, please email or call 512-245-5500.