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FACES Lending Library

The FACES Lending Library is an initiative that aims to ease some of the financial burden for FACES students by allowing them to borrow books from our library each semester and return them when the semester is finished.

In order to use the lending library, you must:

  1. be a verified FACES student
  2. fill out the form below by the deadline for the semester in which you intend to use the library (fill out a separate form for each semester you are requesting)
  3. abide by the requirements set forth by the lending library agreement signed for the previous semester

**Book lending requests are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. Library funds are limited and we may not be able to serve every student who submits a request each semester.**

Note: Once all requests submitted by the deadline have been fulfilled, the Lending Library will open to any FACES student. Typically, this will be during the second week of school. 

Lending Library Request Deadlines



Please make sure that your class registrations are up to date by the Lending Library request deadline of the semester for which you are requesting books. Class schedules will be pulled on the request deadline and books will be provided based on that schedule.

Please direct any questions or additional comments you may have to or call the office of Retention Management & Planning at 512-245-5500.